Grossman Orthotic Benefits

What’s the Problem?

Many people now suffer from foot conditions.

  • Plantar Fasciitis(heel pain)
  • Neuromas
  • Bunions
  • Metatartsalgia

A patient’s foot symptoms develop because their feet were unable to go through a gait cycle, inside their shoe, the way nature intended them to. A gait cycle is the time period or sequence of events or movements during locomotion in which one foot contacts the ground to when that same foot again contacts the ground, and involves forward propulsion of the center of gravity. The moment, while running or walking, that you push off from your big toe joint is one of the most important movements that can be made. If that big toe is unable to bend, the rest of your body must make up the difference. Finishing your step could be number of abnormal movements.

  • Rotating your feet
  • Rotating your knees
  • Rotating your hips
  • Rotating your back


These movements are very subtle but can begin to affect your feet in a negative way. Some of the effects of this negative rotating are deforming your feet, causing heel pain, and wearing out knees and hips. Many times you have foot pain because of the lack of bend in the big toe.

What the Grossman Orthotic does for Your Patients

The Grossman Functional Orthotic will help your feet land at the heel within the shoe in a central or middle position, not on the side, unlike the shoes that only wear on the outside and do not benefit the feet in anyway. The Grossman functional helps keep your patients within the neutral or middle position while you’re in the middle of your gait cycle or step. This prevents the rotating in between your gait cycle and stops your shoes from wearing out from the outside edges. This will also prevent the deforming of your feet, or wearing out your knees and hips.

Grossman Orthotics

This orthotic was created by Doctor Allan Grossman over 10 years ago with over 10,000 successful patients treated. This orthotic is available as a prefabricated device sold by shoe size. This is the most effective over the counter orthotic, however, it is primarily sold by your podiatrist because they understand the complexities and problems associated with your feet.

You can find the prefab device sold here.

This orthotic can also be made to order. There are many benefits to the custom make of the Grossman functional Orthotic. The orthotic can be made to fit your exact foot, helping your foot mechanically function to the best of its ability. The orthotic can also be made with additional accommodations, paddings, and any other specific materials can be added to fit your specific needs, whether it is running or walking.

The custom orthotic can be view here.

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