For Patients – Benefits of Orthotic Insoles

The Grossman Functional Orthotic for Patients

The Grossman Functional Orthotic was designed with a computer in a gait lab. In shoe pressure sensors were applied on thousands of patient’s feet between their orthotic and their feet. Pressure mapping of the patient’s feet was analyzed to develop a product that would affect the mechanics of the foot and not just the symptom.

Grossman Functional Orthotic: The Problem

In shoe sensors are used to test and develop effective orthotics for patients.

Plantar fasciitis or heel pain, bunions, neuromas, metatarsalgia, these are common words patients hear from a doctor. These are all symptoms of a problem with your foot or feet. Rather than treat the patient’s symptom, the Grossman Functional Orthotic, once inside a patient’s shoe, will help correct your gait and benefit the way a patient’s foot functions.

A patient’s foot symptoms develop because their feet were not able to go through their gait cycle, within their shoe, the way nature intended them to. One of the most important phases of your walking or running is the push off from your big toe joint.

If your big toe joint is not able to bend you are forced to do something extra within your body to help finish your step, which is not very functional. This can mean slightly rotating your feet, knees, hips or back to help you accomplish walking or running. This happens very slightly and you are not even aware of it.


Many problems arise from externally rotating your body to help push off your big toe joint. You can deform the tissue under your feet causing heel pain, you can wear out knees and hips. Much of the foot pain doctors treat is because your foot is not able to bend at the big toe joint.

The Grossman Functional will help your feet strike at the heel within the shoe in a central or middle position, not on one side like so many shoes that wear on the outside, and don’t benefit the feet.

This is typical shoe wear from incorrect walking/running
Rather than being just an arch support which tends to push your feet to the outside edge, the Grossman Functional will help you stay in a neutral or middle position while you’re in the middle of your gait cycle or step.

In the middle of your step, you should not be putting excess weight on the outside of your foot.

Then on your final toe off your toes should point down inside your shoe.

Your foot needs to push off and end up straight with toes pointing down.

Grossman Functional Orthotic: The Doctor

The Grossman Function Orthotic was designed by Doctor Allan Grossman over 10 years with 10,000 successful patients treated with orthotics and followed up with physical therapy for extended periods of time.

This orthotic is available as a prefabricated device sold by shoe size. This is the most effective over the counter orthotic available. It is primarily sold by your podiatrist because they understand the complex problems associated with your feet and can follow up with you for a successful outcome.


The Grossman Functional is also available as a custom made orthotic. This has several advantages. It can be designed around your exact foot, helping your foot mechanically function to its maximum capacity. Additional accommodations, padding and specific materials can be added to fit your needs whether it be running or other sports, walking, or just standing on a cement floor. Your custom orthotic can also be recovered should the top cover material wear out over time. This can save you hundreds of dollars over buying a new device.

Try the Grossman Functional: Foot orthotics with benefits!