Meet The Team

Meet the team! The unique combination of experienced staff members at Forward Motion Medical has led to the creation of thinner orthotics, and faster production techniques insuring great turnaround times and an orthotic that we know you will love. Our staff is dedicated to helping you deliver the best products for your office.

John Ballantyne, BS, C.Ped

John is the cofounder of JM Orthotics an international prefab orthotic company catering to podiatrists in several countries. He has an engineering degree and has been a C.Ped for over 10 years.
Before new opportunities took the company in a different direction JM was the preferred Medicare provider for the state of UT for several years offering diabetic shoes and custom inserts. John has worked directly with Medicare patients and understands the patient needs and concerns first hand. He has also manufactured custom functional orthotics for local doctors before bringing the custom business to a national level.

Michael Rushton, DPM

13 years in private practice specializing in conservative care and orthotic therapy. Co-Founder of JM Orthotics and developer of semi rigid heat molding material utilized for direct molding in podiatry.
Dr. Rushton is a national tri-athlete competitor. He recently qualified for the Ironman Kona event and finished respectively in 2012.
He and his wife Kristen are the proud parents of 10 children, most of whom compete in various athletic events.

Tracy Winchester, C.Ped

Tracy comes with over 30 years experience manufacturing custom orthotics. He has worked for 3 major orthotic labs and brings a wealth of knowledge to the team.  He started as a grinder in the early 1980’s.  He has worked in every area of a custom lab and understands cast correction, fabrication, materials selection, practical application, patient compliance.  He can help doctors on consultations to design the right device for the best possible outcomes.  Tracy moved from Indiana to Southern Utah to lead our team and manage the lab production department.

Allan Grossman, DPM

Medical Director, The Center For Wound Healing at Holy Spirit Hospital
Medical Advisor, Pedorthic Footwear Association (PFA)
Medical Director, First Choice/Select Gait Study Center
Private Practice Harrisburg Foot & Ankle

Dr. Grossman lead the research team to develop the Grossman Functional Foot orthoses.
He competed nationally as a tennis player and currently coaches high school tennis.
He and his wife Annette have 2 sons both in college.

Helaman Chico,
CPO & Master Brace Fabricator

Eli Hillstrom, C. Ped

Collin Garey,
Brace Technician

Cody Ballantyne, General Manager

Paige, Debbie & Brittany
Customer Support & Office Admin.

Josh Ballantyne,
Sales & Account Representative

Tim “The Wizard” Terry,
Software Development Manager

Chris Hovey, iOS Developer

Gage Miller, Art Director

Our Family

What Clients Say About Us

“This is a great lab.  The quality is really good and the scanner works flawlessly.  I recommend FM lab to anyone.”

Dr. Jeff Stewart
Dr. Jeff Stewart DPM

“I have no problems with Forward Motion Lab. The devices fit, the scanner is fast and accurate, my patients love their orthotics.  We have used them for over 2 years.  I highly recommend you give them a try.”

Dr. Warren Johnson
Dr. Warren Johnson DPM

“Forward Motion orthotics have been absolutely wonderful to work with. Ordering has been simple and efficient. The lab manager Tracy, is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Their workmanship is unmatched and my patients have been very pleased with their devices”

Dr. Steven Royal
Dr. Steven Royal DPM